2015 - Cut Window Theory

A rickety structure on which to hang clay. The clay oozes over the structure and slides down the sill. Windows are cut into the clay mirroring the windows outside. In a city where new building seems endless, these structures recall the old ones, where personality comes from time and wear.

top two images: Sara Russell

bottom images left to right: Daniel Liss, Sara Russell, Kristin Capp

This work was created in 2015 for the show Absence + Evidence at the S+7 gallery.

A show about windows.

Kristin Capp's photographs from Namibia, most taken at night, capture light emanating from the darkness. Namibia has no ambient light so the contrast between the light and darkness is profound. The color seeps through in an otherworldly softness that relates to the individuals within.

Daniel Liss uses a camera perched on his windowsill to capture real time images from the sidewalk below. By coding what is projected from the camera, he creates a poetic discourse in real time. We see one person or a group caught for a moment and a sound is played with each capture and disappearance. A busy sidewalk yields more happenings, each one a surprise of recognition mixed with mystery as a person is signaled out, but nothing is known about their actual story.

Using self-drying clay draped on delicate wooden frames, Sara Russell builds directly in the space. She responds both to what is happening inside and out. Her sculptures lean against the large loft windows and move over the sill, conforming to the shape below. Look through the windows casually cut in her pieces to see many shapes of the city reflected back. Just as buildings age and change, her structures are varied and individual.

S+7 - 526 West 26th St, #301

May 14th - 6-9 pm
May 15th - 12-6 pm